• Andrei Neamțu (guitar, acoustic guitar, electronic drums, timbals, vocals, samples, producer)

• Robert Iosifescu (vocals)

• Andrei Cornea (special FX, controllers,samples, djembe, percussion, acoustic guitar, bass, producer)

• Ioana Abramiuc (vocals, percussion, kazoo)

#UniqueConcept #Exotic
#Authentic #AfricanPercussions
#ElectronicMusic #Fusion
#3SingersOnStage #LatinoPop
See you on the dance floor!

              Heavy Rotation comes with a fresh and creative approach.

              We fashioned an exciting and dance-driven playlist, gathering famous past and present songs and infusing them with our trademark electric and vibrant style. We never stop the music, we play everything like a DJ set so no energy is lost, the crowd being always engaged.

              For over six years we have been playing concerts, making people dance and putting smiles on their faces in the biggest live music venues, both in Bucharest (Hard Rock Cafe, Beraria H, True Club, Beluga, The Drunken Lords, The Harp Irish Pub, Kaffa Pub, Music Club, The Tube, Nuba, Stuf Vama Veche et al.) and in other cities (Chios - Cluj-Napoca, Chaplin's Pub - Piatra Neamt, Soho - Focsani, Black Eagle - Oradea, Smart Pub - Craiova etc.).

            We put together a mixture of elements that gives us our character. The three singers on stage, the reinterpretation of the songs in an original way, singing songs in several languages and from different cultures - English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, African, Romanian, the wide variety of instruments on stage - African percussion, timbals, djembe, electronic instruments, keyboards, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, the collaboration with two professional dancers, the lights in sync with the music, making the audience an active part of the concert, all these make up our unique show.

            Heavy Rotation creates moments with a strong auditory and visual impact, a complete show that actively involves the audience, who sings and dances with them.