We offer you all the elements for a perfect event!

Heavy Rotation
– Heavy Rotation Performance
– DJ throughout the event
– Two professional dancers
– Traditional Romanian music singers
– Live sound system
– Stage lights
– Synchronized tubular lights on beats show
– Backline equipment
– Sound Engineer and Light Engineer
– Technical staff

Additional services
– Uncovered modular stage (podium), with maximum dimensions of 6m wide and 3m deep.

We can also provide a covered stage for outdoor events, but the price will be offered on request, depending on the size requested.
– Smoke machine
– 12m2 LED display
– Laser show
– CO2 jet (2 nozzles with 2 bottles of 30 liters/30-40 shoots/0.5 liters consumption per second)
– Confetti (one bottle of 7.5 l/15 seconds per shot/2 kg of confetti)
– Effects (Bubble machine, Foam machine)

For events outside Bucharest:
– Transport cost added (2 Autos)
– Accommodation in twin rooms, variable number of rooms, according to the number of persons that will be involved
If you would like to purchase one or more items in the package from another supplier, we will discuss it on time, in order to convey our minimum technical requirements.

Spectacular show elements

* Synchronized tubulat lights on beats
* Latin Percussions Show (djembe, timbals, darbuka, cabassa), for the latino part of the show

Spectacular show elements

* Synchronized dances with the guests
* Theatrical moment with Anonymous masks