What do our clients say

They were the main act at our wedding and they were simply amazing! The whole party revolved around them and I think they are one of the best bands i've seen in Romania, wedding or no wedding. Simply recommend them and hope to see them live again soon."
Ingrid and Cosmin

" An excellent band, they made a special atmosphere at our wedding, so the ring was full continuously. All the guests appreciated them for both their vocal quality and their artistic side. They brought an overflowing energy and made the party unforgettable. In addition, they are an extremely professional, serious and organized team. We recommend them with all confidence and gratitude because they helped us create a memorable event!"
Andreea and Catalin
"The first time I saw Heavy Rotation in True. I had happened there and at some point they started singing. It was like resuscitating something, it was simply electrifying. They have so much energy, they sing, they smile and they keep dancing that you have to be dead to sit down. I try to get to all their scales because such people and moments in life compensate for all the rest of the most... gray."
Cristiana and Liviu
"Great collaboration with you darlings. We had a great time. You are all extremely talented and we can only thank you for being there for us!!! Keep on doing your thing!!! U RULE!!!!"
Monica and Adrian
“Heavy Rotation was our wedding band. A super band, exceptional voices, super vibe, a super collaboration. Everything was perfect!”
“I recommend Heavy Rotation because they are fantastic! Gorgeous! I totally love them, you don't get bored at all, as they play all kinds of styles”.
“We strongly recommend that you go to a Heavy Rotation concert and also to choose them for private events, if you want something special and of good taste. You will not be disappointed! We were impressed every time and especially at the private event organized by us. They were really professionals, down to the smallest detail (they also considered the playlist sent by us, with our favorites songs and surprised us with some covers from it)”